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Gbwhatsapp 5.90 apk

GbWhatsapp is a popular free text messaging service, which is being used by millions of people across the world. This application is an extension to Android’s default Messaging Service and allows users to send text messages without having to carry out any form of communication through the standard Android applications.


The main features which allow for free GbWhatsapp text messages are the ability to use it as a personal phone dialer, send and receive multiple contacts and to create and customize profiles. In the past the main advantage of using this program was that it allowed you to make free long distance and international calls with the help of your profile. However, users were unable to receive incoming text messages, which means that they had to get the messages through a web browser or mobile SMS gateway.

With the GbWhatsapp 5.90 APK it has been possible to get free text messaging by making use of Google alerts which have been integrated into the application and make it even easier to receive the incoming messages. It also has the ability to allow you to receive free text messages from friends whom you may have chosen to contact in the past but did not wish to bother to send a text. Check Log in gbwhatsapp and whatsapp plus log in.

What More?

Another added feature that allows for the free GbWhatsapp text messages is the ability to send SMS to anyone that has signed up with you as a registered user. This allows you to contact people you have met online and to send them regular messages. This feature also allows you to contact a friend using an application that has been specifically designed to support the use of this mobile messaging service. Also check download free whats app.

Once you have made contact with a person, you may want to choose to send them a message or send a picture of themselves as well as their name along with that picture. With this feature you can easily create a photo album on your phone that can be viewed on your screen as well as saved to the application. If your friend has signed up with the GbWhatsapp 5.90 and you will also be able to contact them via the SMS feature which allows you to send them messages and even pictures.

How To Use?

To use the GbWhatsapp application you will need to download it onto your device first, then connect it to your account. Once connected you will have the option of creating a profile which is essential for creating and customizing your profile which allows you to add and change the information that you wish to be made available to other users. You will also be able to receive and send text messages as normal with the help of the free GbWhatsapp text application.

It is worth noting that this application does require a subscription as all users have to pay for the use of this service which is based on a monthly or yearly cost.


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